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Times of India has started the "Love Pakistan" campaign starting today. These are the same guys, who were reluctant to post the article below in their publications, written just after the 26/11 incident. The article tries to articulate the 26/11 story from a different perspective. Our Press and Media typically goes with the Mass or Herd mentality and try not to look at an issue objectively. Now the same guys have started this campaign...... Isn't this Media or Press hypocrisy........

Thanks to The Week, which published the article as "Letter to the Editor" after editing the contents, in their issue dated 4thJan 2009. Please see left side of this Blog.

FULL TEXT OF THE LETTER. It was also published in the NDTV website and The Times, London…
Dated: 6th Dec 2008
Subject: 26/11 effect on UK
Dear Sir:

While I write this mail, I am in a place called Slough on the outskirts of London, UK. I landed here just after the 26/11 Mumbai carnage and am seeing an unprecedented coverage of this incident in this part of the world. Right from the time I stepped into Heathrow airport, I have been asked by almost everyone I came in contact with, about my opinion on this event. But before I can air my opinion, I get messages laced with sympathy.

One such interviewer was a Pakistani taxi driver, who became very emotional on this subject and wanted to know why India was suspecting its neighbour. He felt the Western world was responsible for the act and not his country. I could only hear him out lest I ignite undesired passion. I reminded myself, that while we are in a foreign country, both the Indians and Pakistanis live in peace together. Maybe the Pakistani driver wished this 26/11 incident did not happen, which could spoil this friendly relationship and hence became emotional and started defending his motherland. Ofcourse their livelihood also depends on IT professionals like me visiting UK and using their services.

However, everyone agrees that this dastardly act should not have been carried out. I can see people being very sympathetic towards Indians thereby isolating the Pakistanis. The local Press was also responsible for making the English cricketers to travel to India to play the 2 Test matches. The Pakistanis again felt why just India when they could have travelled to their country as well and play some matches.

From the words of the Taxi driver, terrorism is widespread and why just blame the Pakistanis for it. The Irish Republican Army or the IRA was the mother of terrorism and why is the world not suspecting them, he felt. There are no answers sometimes. Terrorism in whatever form should be condemned by all and the perpetuators of such crime should be isolated. This is my opinion, if I was allowed to speak.

Yours Truly,

Arvind Kamath
(now in Slough, UK on business)

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