Graysmarsh Berry Farm opened 2011 U-pick Berry Season

Graysmarsh Berry Farm, the biggest u-pick berry farm in Sequim, opened its gates on Friday for the 2011 u-pick berry season in Sequim!

Grausmarsh berry farm in spring
When you love to pick your own berries like we do, we will love to hear the Sequim news that Graysmarsh Berry Farm opened on Fiday for its 2011 u-pick berry season. Strwaberries are the first ones in line. However, with the sun not being out enough, there are not yet as many sweet strawberries available as usual at this time of the year, the owners of the berry farm inform their visitors on their website.

My suggestion is to still wait a few days for the sun sweetening the fruits. I will buy for now the strawberries from California, which has actually also been much colder this spring, but still produces more sweet strawberries than Sequim weather allowed this June. Offially summer starts on June 21. Show us the sun in Sequim! The few days, when I took the photos of Sequim Vacation Rental are not enough.

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