Sequim Vacation Round-up May 2012

Dear Sequim Town visitors,
We are well aware that temperatures in Arizona and Texas are gradually climbing. So are your ready for your Sequim vacation? Moderate Sequim weather is perfect getting a break from the heat. If you had just known that our normally cooler May in Sequim had turned out to be the nicest spring month ever, we are sure you had planned an early Sequim vacation this May.

View of the Olympic Mountains Spring 2012

Cherry blossom trees at playground in Park

Blue skies with snow-covered Olympic Mountains as a backdrop, warm day-time temperatures and all the colorful spring flowers like lilac and cherry blossom trees with their wonderful scent in the air have been spoiling us for most of this month of May. We are thrilled.

Cherry blossom tree Sequim May
Here is our personal short round-up on Sequim May weather and Sequim events.

Our 117th Sequim Irrigation Festival was a full success with 130 entries in our Saturday May 12th parade. As usual, big fun for everybody, participants from everywhere and Sequim spectators, resident and early Sequim visitors. The weather was just gorgeous! BTW we decided the fireworks on Friday night before the parade was absolutely the best we have ever experienced in our 6 years (!) of life in Sequim. It got many 'Aahs' and 'Oohs' from us from our prime seats on our balcony overlooking Sequim town.

Carrie Blake Park invites Sequim residents and visitors for walks, bike rides, jogs or just resting on a bench and watch our plentiful wild life. Sometimes the dear creatures are not that welcome but without them Sequim wouldn't be the same attractive to all of us. The deer ate my beautiful pansies - actually they skillfully bit off the blossoms - and the Canadian geese graze on the new soccer field despite they are not supposed to do so. What can you do? It's their home.

Bird in park
Speaking of the Canadian geese, there are not many of these who have babies this year. We only came across on goose family with seven chicks. They must have just hatched but were already going with mama and papa for a swim in the pond in the park.

Canadian geese going for a swim with their babies
Hummingbirds are entertaining us again when having breakfast. All those different looks they have!

Our Peonies and Irises are ready to pop. That's when real spring starts in Sequim.

Our Sequim vacation rental has opened for the 2012 vacation season with guests from Iowa and Missouri. We are looking forward to your Sequim town visit.

Scenery next to your Sequim vacation rental outdoor sitting area. Since this is a favorite deer crossing, it contains mostly ground cover and lavenders which deer do not like.

Green scenery next to Sequim vacation rental

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