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Well folks, looks like I got a show that will be airing tonight! It's a BlogTalkRadio show that speaks directly to the design community. Always trying to stay ahead of the curve, I thought to actually voice my blog on this show would be a great way to connect with my blog subscribers and design enthusiasts. If you ever blogged, you know the amount of time and energy it takes to produce a post. Creating a show like this will make that process come to life. I can share my thoughts, stories, tips and dish in a 30 minute segment that can be schedule around your time to listen. The show will air LIVE, so there is also a way to connect with me directly, by calling in!

Viteri Style Management
Interior Designer and Host of Mathis Interiors Radio, Joanne Mathis
First, I want to thank Joanne Mathis on creating such a valuable platform. You have to admire passion and I admire hers. For years Joanne has been tweaking her desire to create a BlogTalkRadio show titled, "Artist Designers and Thing Oh My". Every week she interviews creative people that have taken their passion to formulate the business of their dreams. Viteri Style Management is not even a year old, but she felt strongly I had a connection with the design community that should be shared every last Monday of the month. She has an eye for people who are laser focus on their passions and I love her for it. I can not thank her enough for such an incredible opportunity. Thank you Joanne and let's make this happen!

Viteri Style Management
Providing Practical Solutions to Interior Designers Running a Boutique Style Business
So here is a little inside information on what this show is truly going to be about. Call it a disclaimer or warning, but I want to paint a picture for you. I am not a business consultant, coach or guru. I want listeners expectations to be met for what I am truly representing. I am a mentor and huge supporter of the interior design community. My job may be to whip boutique design firms into shape, but my show will share insight on what I am seeing in the industry and hoping to give practical solutions to enhance it. I have stories to share, tips to offer and for those who know me, a sense of humor I hope you get. It's 30 minutes to connect with the core of an interior designer. I will not lie, I am raw, un-apologetically authentic, but honest. I am hoping to evoke a new style of management designers would want to interweave within their business. Remember it's because of designers Viteri Style Management was born. 

So mark your calendars to listen to the show this evening or copy the link to listen at your convenience. I'm looking forward to connecting with you and hope you will become eager to connect with me. Here we go!

Barbara V.

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