dilemma of timing the trade

timing the entry in a trade is one of the most challenging things.
but this question is the second question.
the first question is deciding the direction to trade.
once the first question is answered and decided, then comes the second question - that of the right time.
just like anti-terrorist commandoes are told to aim at centre of the forehead.
but during action time, specially during chaos, many a times, it is difficult to pick the centre point to shoot.
the target is moving and you are under stress,besides the atmospheric "noise"
at that time, it is more important to shoot and "hit somewhere" than waiting to lock the centre of the forehead.
sometimes, practically speaking, it is more important to shoot and hit somewhere than to shoot only at the perfect spot.
similarly, many a times, in trading, timing is important but absolute perfect timing remains a mirage!
when you have done your homework and spotted a target
shoot at the best available spot and not keep waiting looking for the absolute best universal spot.
inertia and indecisiveness kills both the soldier as well as a trader.
however, i must end with a note of caution.
eagerness to shoot is different from the concern not to miss the bus.
if it is eagerness, you are likely to be wrong.
but if it is a question of not being able to decide the exact point of shot while being reasonably sure of the target subject, your chances of being right are good.

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