self talk

trading is never easy.
even if you make a killer profit in a trade
the next trade will always be as difficult as the previous one.
even after n number of successes your chance of going wrong are always there.
market never gives any weightage to past or recent or latest performance.
it never cares for reputation and sincerity and image and other personal equations.
every trade is a new trade.
market is a great special respect or hatred for anyone.
same is true from the reverse angle as well.
market is as easy after a negative trade as it was before that.
no risk, no reward.
every trade will be "difficult" and wrapped in fear.
there is nothing called "zero fear" and "sure shot" set-up for trade.
as anatoly karpov famously said "the surest way to lose is play for a draw"
those fearing drowing keep sitting and remain sitting on the shore.
nothing ventured, nothing gained.
trading is a verb, not adjective or noun.

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