option screw drivers to suite the need

when market was @ 5445spot today, 5400pe was @ 19
when the market slipped t0 5395 (50points), 5400pe rose from 19 to 33 (14points)

when the market was @ 5405spot, 5300ce was @ 121
when the market was @ 5415spot, 5300ce was @ 135

14points in both
but total movement in the first was 50points
and in the later 15points.

same result, different effort.

in the first case, i was less sure of the move,
so i bought cheaper slow moving option.

in the second case, i was more sure of the move,
so i bought costlier fast moving "overdrive gear" option.

that's the beauty of options!

different screw drivers as per the need!!!

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