Sequim Balloon Festival

Dear Sequim visitors,
Guess what?! Now we don't only have a Sequim Irrigation Festival in May and a Sequim Lavender Festival in July, our newest attraction is Sequim Balloon Festival in September for three days over Labor Day weekend. Actually, balloons already took off each morning from a field next to Sequim Airport. They were flying passengers early in the morning, when winds have not picked up yet, for a fee of $250/person for a sightseeing over Sequim.

We decided this morning at 6am to get ourselves some glimpses of the hot air balloons + photos at Sequim Airport. Alas an early fog made it in from Sequim Bay. When we returned at 7:15am to Sequim Airport, to our surprise the fog had lifted, lots of visitors and 7 air balloons and their teams had gathered for a spectacular exciting event: the filling and taking off of the balloons.

Tomorrow Saturday September 1 will be the first day of the official Sequim Balloon Festival. The Festival site will be a field, next to Purple Haze Lavender Farm, off W.Sequim Bay Road. There will be a dozen balloons, including the Little Bee Balloon team - we hope to still be able to post of photo of those - an evening Night Glow, a Hare and Hound balloon race on Monday morning, a classic car show, live music, arts & craft booths, street dances, beer & wine garden and so much more. For tickets & more details visit Sequim Balloon Festival.

Now let's enjoy Sequim Ballon Festival photos:

Sequim Airport

Road to Airport at 7am Friday morning

Keoki watches the first balloons getting filled with hot air

Exciting to watch the balloons getting filled

More air balloons getting ready

REMAX balloon is the first to take off

Biggest basket carries about 10 passengers

There they are up in the air enjoying their ride over Sequim town

Balloons with famous Sequim 'Blue Hole' as a backdrop

All the balloons are ready to go - the Sequim Balloon Festival has started

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