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I am really excited to attend this year's Architectural Digest Show. I'll be making a day of it on Thursday the 21st. Attending one of these is like planning a strategic military operation. I'm hoping I don't miss a thing and planning to make the most of it.

Viteri Style Management
#maryandmimosas- Great Start! (Big thank you to Modenus at AD Home Show.)
What better way to kick things off than by kickin' it with fantastic design bloggers. Looking forward to meeting and greeting with some of our industry's talented writers. I plan to raise my mimosa filled glass to them and hopefully connect with some of my favorites. Thrilled to be invited to this fun press event and can't wait to tweet away. We all will be tweeting, so follow #maryandmimosas and me @ViteriStyle, on Tweeter. I plan to share highlights as I experience them. Love reading your tweets so tweet away as well!

Viteri Style Management
DIFFA Table Designed by Libby Langdon and Displayed at the 2012 Architectural Digest Show
After a progressive lunch through the reFRESH Pavilion , I can not miss the table displays that will be presented via a tour of DIFFA's Dining By Design. Last year my client and celebrity interior designer, Libby Langdon wowed everyone with her Liebherr's installation. I'm looking forward to seeing a few more of my client's tables for DIFFA and some of our interior designer friends as well. Will keep you all posted via Tweeter and hopefully a blog post the following week. So make sure you follow me @ViterStyle. Better yet, if you are attending the event..."Come find me!"


Barbara V. 

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