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On February 25th, I took the chance to take my blog to the radio. BlogTalkRadio that is. I wanted to gather all my blog postings for the month and share it with an audience, the interior design community. I was perfectly fine with sharing my thoughts, stories, tips and dish with just a few listeners, let alone to find out it would be in the 1000s!

The show airs LIVE, but it is recorded so people can listen in on their own time. Just like you when you want to read a blog- on your own time. I'm thrilled for the positive responses I've been receiving. I can not thank you all enough for your support. Take a listen and let me know your honest opinion. You know not to expect anything less from me. 

Hope you tune in on March 25th at 8pm EST and 5pm PST. As I like to end my show on this note..."I love your style and I thank you for listening."

Barbara V.

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