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All Hail Interior Designer, Sarah Richardson
{All photos are courtesy via Sarah Richardson New Website!}

I can't possibly believe there may be designers in our industry that have not heard of Interior Designer, Sarah Richardson. If you haven't and you are trying to pave your way in this multifaceted design world, get to know her as she is the real deal for inspiration. There should be classes devoted to her style of business and how she is changing all the rules. Prime example would be her new website.

Viteri Style Management
Home Page of Sarah's Recently Launch Website
A few of my design clients are in the middle of giving their website a makeover and in some cases reinventing it. I'm thrilled some designers are really focusing on the overall branding message they want to come across. Unfortunately there wasn't a perfect site I could reccomend that covered many of my suggestions till now. I found a ridiculously good interior design website that incorporates all the suggestions and tips I highly recommend. Thank you Sarah Richardson! Let me break it down for you.

Viteri Style Management
Continuation of Home Page that Includes Videos and Team Pride!
Many designer websites take it safe and do the all white background. They want the photos to do all the talking, not Sarah. (Take notes designers as this is how it's done well.) Even though Sarah does have a white background it is easily forgotten as the site explodes with a cohesive color palette, interactive mouse hovering changes and videos. I'll be honest (as you know I always am) it's a delicious trap! Whether you are a designer, DIYer or design enthusiast, it's like being a kid in a candy store. You can't leave and why would you? There is so much to see, so much to do and so much to want.

Viteri Style Management
A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place
I was in awe of the bottom portion of Sarah's home page. It's categorized perfectly. The breakdown from the top menu bar is displayed on the bottom portion of the site. It is a clean and neat way of accessing everything needed to maneuver through it. Take a look at the social media icons. No run on list of symbols to every social media connection. (Love that!) There is even what looks to be a personal written note to "keep in touch" by submitting your email. This is all just on the Home Page!

Viteri Style Management
Get Inspired Page that looks like a Pinterest Board- Brilliant!
Viteri Style Management
Watch videos that are more than just videos.
Once on the site, you have to see the brilliance of how she designs each page. From the "Get Inspired" page that looks better than any Pinterest board I've ever seen to the page of "My Recent Videos", which designers should really consider adding. You do not need to have a syndicated show to share videos on your website. From Youtube, Vimeo and even the newly popular Vine videos, it's a great addition to add to your site. Just view how Sarah did the introduction to her new website with her right hand man, Interior Designer, Tommy Smythe:

Viteri Style Management

Viteri Style Management
It takes a village.
Sarah is a fine business woman that has grown her company to the likes many designers should learn from. She has an incredible team that she proudly devotes a page to. Even though my clients have boutique firms that consists of less than a handful of people, I believe showcasing that team is essential. If you are privy to have employees that have worked for you for over a year, their story should be shared. I love how this page glamorizes each designer's work and shares their unique contribution to the company. It's touching and most all it shows a strong company that values each team member. I heart this.

Viteri Style Management
Get to the Good Stuff. The Portfolio Page!
We all know that when we view any designer's website we go straight for the good stuff which is the Portfolio Page. Sarah as created such a stunning interactive portfolio page and layout that it puts most publishing magazine companies to shame. Writing about it can not do it justice. It truly is an experience and most definitely the best way to show off your work. Some tips I can share here are to go large with photos and mix up the layout with your detail shots. This has been Sarah's signature style from her past website and I'm surprise most designers have not caught on to it.

Viteri Style Management
My go to Pros for Inspiration, Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe
I can not tell you how happy I am to point designers in the right direction when it comes to answering questions on developing a website. Just take a look at Sarah Richardson's site and get inspired. Even if you are a soloprenuer, there is a way to incorporate her style to refelect your own. It will have potential clients living on your site and want to come back for more. Sarah's newly launch website is a trendsetter and one to learn from. I adore every aspect of it and I know you will to. Just be warned you will lose track of time and will be blown away. Enjoy and take notes. Sarah congratulations on a spectacular website and making it my new video game. Cheers!

Barbara V. 

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