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I always try to add elements of interior design practices when it comes to helping my designer clients manage their business. Mainly because it's how a designer's creative brain will stay focus on the boring management side of their company. So when working with designers on managing their calendars, I created a concept I think many designers would benefit from.

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Sourcing Color for Your Calendar
Designers are constantly sourcing; furniture, fabric and sometimes inspiration. They are in sourcing mode more times then they would like to admit, but the common thread would be their connection to color. There is an emotional connection I think designers can tie into when managing their calendars. The key is to keep the color story simple. Meaning no more than 3 to 4 colors for each categorize event. 

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Outlook's "Pantone" Color Selections
Think of sourcing colors for your calendar. Try to connect a color that will evoke a sense of feeling for the 3 to 4 categorized events that make up your day. Here are my simple suggestions:
  • Meetings: Meetings are a given in this industry and always presents a sense of urgency. You may want to select colors that are vibrant and will pop off your calendar. RED/ORANGE/YELLOW are great selections for this.
  • Design Work: Sourcing, shopping, drawing, etc. I would think allotting time for this is pure pleasure for designers, so pick cool fun colors like BLUE/PURPLE/GRAY for these events.
  • Billing/Office Work: Lets face it, you will need to block time for this. This is the portion of your job that brings in the money. You can only imagine the color I would choose for this event. Pick any shade of GREEN.
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Sample Calendar Combining Both Personal and Work Schedules
The goal is to manage your calendar by connecting your sense of color for optimum balance. I like using Outlook as I can categorize each of these events by overlapping the color calendar I created for them. Having 3 to 4 color options for this is easily manageable. The forth color option can be to incorporate your personal calendar. I'm still puzzled why many designers would opt to keep these calendars separated when, let's face it they are blendable. Also don't forget you can use this technique with employee calendars for an optimize company calendar. Your employees can use the same concept and you have remote access to view it anytime at a glance. 
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Paint Can Color Schemes
So pull out your color wheels or paint charts and start sourcing for a color scheme. See if your online calendar offers a similar dye lot and start categorizing the events on your calendar. Ensure you can narrow it down to no more than 3 to 4 and select the colors that you can emotionally connect with to each event. You will be amazed how effective it can be and not to mention how stylish your day to day will look.

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Barbara V.

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