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Victoria Beckham in Glamour Magazine and as our image of glamorizing busy.
Last week I was chatting with my friend and interior designer, Amanda Gates of AB Home Interiors. I've been on this 'glam' kick lately and shared with her some pretty awesome experiences I've been having. If you've been following my blog posts you'll see I've been attending glam events, meeting glamorous people and sharing a few glam up and coming movies I hope would inspire designers to incorporate glam into their lives and projects.

Viteri Style Management
Salvador Dali Les Montres Molles, 1968.( His Last Painting.)
While chatting with Amanda she mentioned two words that got my ears to perk up, "Glamorizing Busy." Now I'm sure she did not mean this to be a good thing as our conversation touched on designers venting on social media how busy they are with no time for fun. For me I saw it as a spin on designers, well, venting how busy they are and squeezing in time for fun.

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This is not my typo. "Even Google needs a spelling lesson." (Inside Joke for a friend reading this)
Let's face it, you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don't. People will read into your "I'm busy" posts in different ways. Some get peeved that your venting about how busy you are with your current 48 projects all due for installs soon. (Yes I read that on Facebook) Some may get jealous at all the fabulous events you are attending and wonder how are you fitting work in? Now I like that idea of glamorizing busy and showing off your capabilities to do both!

Viteri Style Management
This cracks me up every time I read it.
We all strive for balance. I love when designers share the mixture of both. Tobi Fairley is doing it best at the moment. She has gotten more real on this topic and has shared it candidly in her blog posts. What I'm really diggin' is that more and more designers are starting to go this route as well. They are truly glamorizing their busy lives as they are making a conscious choice for it to be that way and so am I.

Viteri Style Management
Need  I say more?
For me I strive to recognize my priorities in order to play by the rules of working hard and playing harder. It's time to embrace our new normal. We are all busy. For some busy is an understatement. If you are going to lay it out there for the world to know how busy you are or will be, glamorize it. Yes, glamorize your busy and evoke a sense of inspiration in others. It shows you are alive and enjoying your life. You are living your passion! You can go hard or you can go home. 

Viteri Style Management
Spring Market at the D&D Building, New York May 15th
Viteri Style Management
IFDA Take A Seat Event, New York May 16th

Viteri Style Management
Brimfield Antique Market, Brimfield, MA May 16th & 17th
 Glamorize your busy by attending a few of the events listed above. You bet I am squeezing in all these great events on my calendar. Share your experience on how you are able to fit both work and play together. It may not be harmonious, but at least it will be glamorous.

Barbara V.

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