Outdoor exposition at Facteur Cheval's Palais Idéal

panel presenting Chatelain's Humoristic Garden
pictures courtesy of Marie-José Georges, director Palais Idéal

From May 10th untill October 31 2013 the Palais Idéal has an outdoor exposition, presenting highlights of art brut, a project by its director Marie-José Georges in cooperation with Sarah Lombardi, director of the Collection d'Art Brut, Lausanne, and Laurent Danchin, art historian and specialist in the field of art environments.

Displayed  on panels of some 50x50 cm, as in above image, the exposition will introduce the visitors of the Palais Idéal to twenty-seven art brut artists and thirteen creators of art environments.

Focussing in this note in particular on environments, the topic of this blog, it is good to establish that Laurent Danchin in selecting the examples, has opted to show creations from several countries, in this way indicating the international dimension of the field, while he also shows various states of preservation, some extant, some in danger or abandonned.

another panel with Chomo's village of preludian art

The exposition has international toppers such as Nek Chand's Rock Garden (India) and Sabato (Simon) Rodia's Watts Towers (USA) and famous artists from Canada ("anarchitect" Richard Greaves), Finland  (Veijo Rönkkönen)  and Spain (Josep Pujiula i Vila).

France is represented by its three best known sites, Cheval's Palais Idéal, Isidore's Maison Picassiette and Abbé Fouré's Sculpted Rocks, supplemented with the environments created by Chomo, Fernand Chatelain, Marcel Dhièvre, Jean Linard and Robert Tatin.

this picture (via website Les rochers de l Abbé Fouré) shows part of the exhibition

The Palais Idéal hosting thousands of visitors each year, this exposition is a praiseworthy contribution to dissiminating information to the general public about outsider artists and art environments, topics that so far sparsely get attention by the mainstream media and the mainstream art world.

The exhibition features a brochure in which all panels are included

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