Early Summer in Sequim in 2013

Dear Sequim blog visitors,
You would probably would like to know how we are approaching summer in Sequim this year. Sequim was pretty lucky with no snow during all the winter months. Moderate winters and moderate summers are features which attract people to visit or to move for good to this lovely retirement town.

This year 2013 brought a very early SUMMER - yes summer, not spring - to the Olympic Peninsula and Sequim. Residents couldn't believe it when early May temperatures broke all the high records for decades. The summerly weather had everybody working in their gardens, getting on their bikes and walking Carrie Blake Park or the beautiful Discovery Trail.

Well, today the spell seems to be broken by some fog and drizzle rains. Flowers, bushes and new veggie seeds can need the wet sprinkles from the sky instead of the sprinkler system.

Here are a few photo impressions from this year's early summer in Sequim:

Carrie Blake Park

A geese couple built their nest on the little island in Carrie Blake Park. 'Papa' goose watches on land that the mother does not get disturbed when sitting on the eggs.

Sequim Avenue with Lilac bushes

This early Sequim summer, we paid for the first time close attention to the many colored lilac bushes, as seen in this photo. The scent of Lilac is in the air in entire Sequim town. Reminds us of Lavender season and scents in July for the Lavender Festival.

View of Olympic Mountains

Lots of aahs and oohs from Sequim visitors when walking through town or going west on Olympic Discovery Trail with all the different views of the Olympic Mountains. Despite our early summer spell, they still carry loads of snow sparkling in the sun.

More Mountain views in May

Going down Spruce Street on my bike from SARC, I turned into this side road to snap this lovely shot of country scenery in Sequim town.

Hanging basket at 'Bell Hill View' vacation rental

Sequim residents have a long time tradition of hanging baskets all along Washington Street  and of course on their own houses as well. It was time to hang our basket with those beautiful flowers indicating that 'Bell Hill View' Vacation rental is open for business for the summer season. Please, email to Sequim Rental.

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