Designers, work hard but play harder...

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Now I know my readers (Interior Designers & Interior Design Enthusiasts) are wondering, what is the connection? Well this should be simple, if you are working hard you should also play harder. The balancing act of work, family, friends and personal time is getting very difficult to juggle. Personally I just can't turn work off. I know for interior designers it's the same, but you will become useless at what you do if you do not block time for you.

Viteri Style Management
Vibez Studio crew ready to ride the party limo to Lil Jon & Gina Grant's Zumba extravaganza!
Now maybe a sold out Zumba club event featuring the hottest Zumba Dancer, Gina Grant and record producer, entrepreneur, and international DJ, Lil Jon may not be your cup of tea, but it happens to be my can of soda. The point is, it can't be all about work. There has to be time for play. It's very easy to lose sight on this.

Viteri Style Management
It's about to go down!
I would love to see more posts on designers letting their hair loose. There is a silly stigma that you should not show pictures of yourself at parties with a glass of whatever in your hand. Tell that to Martyn Lawrence Bullard who does it tastefully well. There are so many other fabulous designers sharing insight to what makes them happy with their clients and voyeurs.

Viteri Style Management
Dance responsibly.
Now we know there are limitations. No need to share shots of well you taking shots! So showcase your passion for fun, other than the wonderful work you do. I love zumba and I definitely love me some Lil Jon.

Viteri Style Management
Feeling notice in a crowd! I see you Lil Jon looking at me.
Viteri Style Management
Celebrity Zumba Instuctor, Gina Grant and Lil Jon at the turntables, shutting it down!
Viteri Style Management
Viteri Style Mangement
Dance off with Gina and my boy, Zumba Instructor, Fernando Zambrano Jr
AKA Nando Boogie Zee
I want to thank all the Vibez peeps for an incredible night. May, Nando, Seva, Charlene, Billy, Kerry, Chrissy, Trish and Jennifer. You know that Limo is going in to be detailed!

Viteri Style Management
Sweaty me with "All Star" man himself, LIL JON!!!
Now I have to personally thank Tamar Juda for making this photo and driving my point home on this blog possible. Tamar is a fierce player in the PR world. When she says "I got you", she gets you and I can not thank her enough for getting me.

Lastly, I must personally thank Lil Jon for playing my favorite song and taking a moment after the show backstage to chat with me. When asked how he was doing, he said, "I'm doing great. Better question is how you doing after a workout like that?" The rest of our conversation I'll leave as my lasting memory. Don't let the exterior package fool you. I am keeping my fingers crossed he takes the win on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. After meeting his family, I know he is well grounded and an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. (His aunt is as sweet as pie.)

Designers, work hard and make time to play harder. Share not only your passion for design, but for fun as well. I'll be watching, so share with us!

Barbara V.

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