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Let's make it a movie night!
I know Interior Designers can be inspired by movies, but can you remember the last film or TV show that inspired you recently? How about a film that sparked a new trend in interior design? Time to make it a movie night to find out what's going to take over in design trends.

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Remember what this film did for interior design?
 Back in 2003 one film not only sparked the clean and sophisticated look of white, but created a staple color in our modern day kitchen cabinetry. The movie, "Something's Gotta Give", broke the barrier of trend and set the standard of classic. Almost a decade later, white interiors are continuously being introduce and have no indication of going out of style.
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Something's Gotta Give caption shot of modern country living in the Hamptons.
Viteri Style Management
White cabinetry and concrete counters are still in vogue in the North East.

So what films/TV shows will ignite the next signature look of interiors? I'm getting giddy over a few conversations I'm having with my design clients and interior designer friends. The word on the street is glam! Yes honey, a dab of sparkle here, a pinch of glitz there and we are spinkleing a bit of glam into our interiors.  

Just the right amount of livable glam. Dining room design via Interior Designer, Libby Langdon.
 Let's plan a movie night in the comfort of our home. Grab the popcorn, maybe a chenille throw blanket and call your glam squad. The new HBO film: Behind the Candelabra, staring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will definitely set the tone for over the top glam design. From mirrored pianos to 14K gold faucets, there will certainly be enough inspiration to incorporate into your new projects.

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Behind the Candelabra photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

Now a night out maybe a great time to dress up a little and embrace old Hollywood glam. This year's remake of The Great Gatsby is a given. Staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carry Mulligan and Joel Edgerton. The original 1974 flick is still a classic in interior design, but the new film with it's unconventional style and cinemaphotography will surely inspire an affluentential appeal.

Viteri Style Management
2013 set design from The Great Gatsby film.

Mark your calendars for Nicole Kidman's potrayal of fashion icon, actress and royal, Grace Kelly in 'Grace of Monaco'. Expected to hit theaters in December 2013, it will be eye candy to interior designers wanting to taste a bit of regal design.

Viteri Style Management
Film caption of Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco.
Viteri Style Management
Regal interiors of a princess in waiting.
Viteri Style Management
Nicole Kidman uncanny resemblance of the late Princess, Grace Kelly.
Enjoy your night at the movies or movie night at home. Inspiration doesn't always have to come from travel. The art of film is a viable resource for interior design inspiration. I truly believe glam will now be a feature in our modern day interiors of living. Clients that may see the films listed above just may expect it from you. Here's to movie night!

Share with us your list of films that have inspired your interiors. It might be time to make movie night sooner than later. 

Barbara V.

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