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I always preach about "Picking your Pro" and going directly to the source to get educated. I know many designers, including my clients find it difficult to make time to do so. If there is a topic that intrigues you, block time for it and make it happen. That's just what I did when I attended last week's glam event hosted by Niedermaier and presented by keynote speakers, Interior Designer, Ally Coulter and Holiday House Founder, Iris Dankner.

Viteri Style Mangement
Glam Interior Designer, Ally Coulter, me, wearing my pink trench in support of Holiday House and Holiday House Founder, Iris Dankner
 I love glam and to many it can mean different things. I personally feel hiring an interior designer starts the process of living a glamorous life. The designer is the point person to introducing an new lifestyle in general, but how fab to gain a client that wants a little glamor in their life. Where do you get your inspiration?

Viteri Style Management
Packed house at Neidermaier for Designing a Glamorous Life event.
Ally epitomizes glam. If you look at her most recent work just for Holiday House alone, you know you are getting a front row seat to old Hollywood. Her love for old Hollywood movies sparked her passion for glam interiors. She mentioned her approach to a project starts with the movie playing in her mind. She can walk into any room and create scenes, just like in a movie. She visualizes what people are doing in the room, what they are wearing, how they are interacting and designs around that story.

Viteri Style Management
Ally Coutler Design for 2011 Holiday House
Viteri Style Management
Ally Coulter Design for 2012 Holiday House
Viteri Style Management
Badgley Mischka Gown, worn by Ally Coutler
Viteri Style Management
Couture Gown, by Badgley Mischka

Designing a glamorous life is not just for the affluent. Iris shared a great example of how everyone can live a glamorous lifestyle. Since this blog is written specifically for interior designers and design enthusiasts, I'm sure you are all familiar with the high/low project or getting the look for less. Iris mentioned adding small touches like a sparkly glass chandelier to what would have been a beautiful space can now become glamorous. This is attainable at any price.

Viteri Style Management
Kitchen designed by Iris Dankner. Her glam choice are the chandeliers to add that little sparkle.
I can not express how important it is to attend events such as these when it comes to gaining knowledge to the world of interior design we are now living in. It's ever changing. Even if glam is not your preference, it is vital you make the effort to pick your pro in areas you want a new perspective on. In this case glam was mine and I was not alone. I was thrilled to take clients with me to this event who shared in the same interests. Remember these events are also a fabulous place to connect!

Viteri Style Management
Ally Coulter & Rio Hamilton of Niedermaier
Viteri Style Management
Glam Lifestyle Leader, James Andrew

Start marking your calendars for the next event that is not to be missed. You must attend this year's Holiday House and HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens) event taking place on June 23rd through July 21st. The list is out on the design industry's 22 designers. Here is the full list:

Ally Coulter Designs
Deb Landis Design
Decor by Guillaume Gentet
Design House
Donna Livingston Design
Duneier Design
Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors
Fawn Galli Interior Design
Huniford Design Studio
Inson Dubois Wood
James Michael Howard
Libby Interiors
Lynne Scalo Design
Mabley Handler Interior Design
Marshall Watson Interiors
Richard Mishaan Design
Steven Dubner Landscaping
Susan Glick Interiors
The Design Studio
Thom Filicia
Timothy Brown Studio
Tracy Anderson Method

The Opening Night Gala takes place on Saturday, June 22nd. I hope to see you there in your Hamptons best. Remember all proceeds from the event will go to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For ticket information please visit: 

Let us know if you are attending by sharing your comments here. We look forward to seeing you.

Barbara V.

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