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Every mentor lives to hear these words.
"Pick your Pro" is a quote I live by when it comes to learning anything about anything. Whether in life or in business, I'm not a person who seeks guidance from consultants or gurus. (Just not my style.) I put much value into mentors and pros in their specific fields of expertise to learn from directly. So when asked to commit to three BlogTalkRadio shows, Live with Viteri Style, I thought best to practice what I preach and learn from a pro. Who knows what it could lead to once the show ends. So who do you think was my mentor?
Viteri Style Management
"How you doin'?"
Who did you expect, Martha Stewart? To know me is to know I say it like mean it. I've watched and listened to all the design shows out there and I could not relate to many of them. When it comes to Wendy Williams and her style of show, I gravitate to this women. She is real, blunt, honest giving and driven. Her success in radio lead her to four tremendously successful years on TV with two more years in contract. That is a mentor!

Viteri Style Managment
The incomparable Wendy Williams
Now I don't know if the design community is ready for someone with this much personality, but I'm putting all my chips on the table. I can't compare myself to this fabulous lady, but I will say this, you don't get called out on TV twice by Wendy if there wasn't a connection and boy did we connect! There's video of this validation actually, but thought best to share it on my social media pages. 

Viteri Style Management
Wendy Admirer (Me) and The fabulous Wendy Williams
 I was honored to meet her in our glam office at her TV studio last week. She rewards you uncontentiously. Having a one to one conversation with her is exactly like it is on the show. It's authentic communication with similar interests and humor. I did not have to blatantly ask how do you host a great show, it was just obvious after speaking with her. You have to be you and connect with an audience that gets you.Whether it be on radio or television.
Viteri Style Management
So as I strive for my dream to connect with interior designers on my own authentic level, I plan to put on a great show for you tonight. (Tonight is the 3rd show- wow that was fast!) I am looking forward to connecting with interior design enthusiasts that are interested in something a little different. So tune in this evening for a 30 minute live show and feel free to call in. That will just make you my special guest. If you missed any of the shows, no worries, it's recorded. The link will be shared on all my social media pages

Wendy, I wanted to personally thank you for making me feel comfortable in my own skin. The very first quote above this blog is about you. "Because of you I didn't give up."

Barbara V. 

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