AppSender 2.0

AppSender 2.0 is now available.

I just released it to Android Market and should be available to everyone shortly (it seems to take a few hours before its available).

In 2.0, I have added a feature to share without having to attach the APK file to the email.  AppSender can now upload the APK file to AppSender cloud server and provide a download web link in the email.  This is useful when APK is large since email has attachment size limitation.  Since I want to continue to offer AppSender for free, the download link will only be available for 60 minutes (or so).  Hopefully, this is enough time for my users to share APK.

As always, if you have experienced any bugs, it would be greatly appreciated if you can contact me at Please include as much information as possible to reproduce the problem (including your version of Android OS). I will try my best to fix it soon as possible.

Also feel free to send me feedback. I would love to hear your wish list and improve this app.  As for those of you that provided great new ideas, I hope to get those implemented very soon.  Some of the things on my todo list are:

- share APK to SDCARD
- ability to select multiple files at once
- tablet screen support (or large screen support)

If you have time, please visit AppSender Web Site.

Have a great day!

- Moto

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