operator truths every trader should know

- in day trading or short-term trading 1-2% people make the other 98% play.

- they know things beforehand....amazing....but not for them...call it insider information or whatever.....they bloody know all the crucial info....in toto...!!!

- they have got super powerful computers, software and networks (highly guarded with access denied to outside the coterie). they have links and access inside not only one or two but all the principal companies of all sectors across countries across continents. afterall, the money is one only....you can trace the roots of almost all the money to a handful of banks and entities.

- they have got practically unlimited money at almost zero interest! (how about that facility)? actually, they are the insiders, everyone else on the planet is the outsider!

- they don't worry about developments and news. they know the developments and news beforehand. many of them, they shape themselves. those which they don't know or can't influence don't effect them much. do you think governments anywhere can take any decision which is contra to their interests?

- businesses are as much as for the profit from the manipulation of stocks than from the profit from the primary production and distribution.

- operators don't buy options, they only sell (write) them.

- they don't choose which options to sell. they sell any option and as many of them which retail traders are willing to buy. only thing they control is the premium. they put much higher premium in the direction they don't want to go. this way they control the volumes in a particular direction.

- operators don't decide on the time of squaring the option. that is decided by the retail operators who bought it. they square the option and as many of them which the retail operators wish to square off. again, the only thing operators control is the premium at the time of squaring off. they put higher premium on the side which gives less benefit to the retail operator.

- the money is made by the operator not at the end of the series but continuously and non-stop at every second of the trading day in every single trade....they keep making money drop by drop, second by second....it is a myth that operators make a killing in big shots.....they don't....they keep making money by bleeding non stop without much ado....just like rivers are formed by drop by drop melting of snow over vast stretches of glaciers.

- operators are there because retail traders are there and in that proportion. otherwise, operators would have been forced to work only as VCs (venture capitalists).

- operators control/move market in 4 ways
a) actively buying
b) actively selling
c) refusing to support buying
d) refusing to support selling

- when they want you to participate, they don't move the market fast. and when they don't want people to get on board and still want to change the levels/altitudes of the market, they move it very swiftly by controlling bid prices and accepted prices......obedient army of computer networks do that.

- it is extremely difficult and impractical for a retail trader to trader after considering all factors at play. they can't. even otherwise they will go mad doing that. they have to find a tactical and smart and clever indirect way.

- operators don't like smart, clever, stable, silent traders.

- never panic....fear switches off the mind which alone can take on the mighty operators.

- if you don't have your own knife and fork to trade, don't sit at the table.

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