my own laws and rules of day-trading

my first introduction to stock market was in november 2003. but i got serious only in jan 2009. though i had become literate about trading by that time, my real education and training started only after that. and what a journey it has been in these 46 months. full of sweat, tears, blood, death and re-birth....

majority portion of this journey is archived in the form of my 1000+ articles and posts in as well as my blog.

while the learning is still on and will and should always be, i have no hesitation in admitting that i have passed out of the univ and started my pro journey.

in the past 2-3 months i have been seriously devoting time to fine-tune and test and retest and improve my trading method. during this period, i have written and shared quite less due to the time constraint.

today, was in quite a relaxed mood and took the liberty of teasing myself with one of my favourite self-questions - "what are the laws of day-trading as per you as of today as per your method and understanding?"

this is one question that i have been asking myself very very regularly so that i always keep the larger picture right before my eyes and mind.

here is the latest list of my laws and rules for day-trading.

- trade pro-trend and even your blunders will be pardoned. (i have devised my methods to identify the three phases - up trend, no-trend, down-trend)

- technical indicators are the time tables of operators. operators and bandits never stick to time table. don't fool yourself with technical indicators but be aware of them anyway. look for the clue of the operator movement. retail traders play at the technical level and lose at the tactical level. retail traders will lose lesser simply by playing the trade rather than trading the trade.

- market does opposite to the majority opinion.

- use options, not stoploss.

- do your homework and enjoy the "game" of operators. choose right, sit tight.

- never spend your profit. plough it back after taking out contribution to the buffer fund. start with small principal, don't infuse any more capital. resolve to be a millionaire from one coin with the clever method.

- when you realize your mistake or see that the situation has changed since your homework, admit it and save whatever coins are left. stand up and win back lost coins and more.

- play points and not money. gradually, you will develop strong stomach muscles for bigger bets without butterflies.

- take advantage of the temporary adversity rather than succumbing to it.

- divide your capital in parts and start only with one. don't rush to become an operator overnight. learn to stand before you walk, learn to walk before you run before you fly....multiplication will take care of any amount of time you take to wait and learn addition and subtraction.

- experts know nothing. whatever they say won't happen. atleast that way, that day. not because they don't know, but because operators make it a point to go the other way, the other route. operators' modus operandi will never get exposed openly. because when it gets exposed openly, the operators would have abandoned it much earlier.

- all days are not tradable, all trades are not of same duration and juice. all trades are different in tactically.

- more study takes you away from the truth. finally, you would have to unlearn all to bring the real thing back in focus. the world of conventional trading training is fake. it is creating an army of goats for the predators.

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