Sequim weather: snow, winter forecast, blue hole

Yes, the Olympic Mountains show the first snow of the season which always reminds us that winter is looking round the corner in Sequim. Sequim weather this weekend was actually a bit on the cold side compared to our regular temperatures. Woke up to 38 F and made it during the day to 52 F but...we had a day of clear blue skies and bright sunshine (see our photo taken from our balcony on Sunday morning). So Carrie Blake Park and its dog park had lots of visitors including us.

Sunday's breakfast was enlightened by our little hummingbird friends coming for a visit, several at a time without fighting, which is unusual. The Canadian geese put on a show of their own. Gathering in the hundreds and flying in formation(s) over our house! It was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't get the camera ready in time to get a good picture of them. Maybe next time. There were still plenty staying behind at the pond when we visited the park. Photo shows Keoki on our walk through Carrie Blake Park with our best friends' dog 'Little Lupe'.

OK what's the latest news in Sequim and in the Peninsula Daily News? Hurricane Ridge is back to being open only on weekends weather permitting. The 2-yr experiment over the past two winters to keep Hurricane Ridge open also during the week, which was a joint effort of our local communities of Port Angeles, Sequim, Olympic National Park and National Park service in WA D.C. was not successful. It takes a lot of money to keep Hurricane ridge road open during the week in winter. The low numbers of visitors did not compensate for it.

Did you know that at 5,242 ft above sea level, Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center gets an average annual snowfall of about 40 0inches. As we said many times here on SequimTown Blog: "Be prepared when tackling the trip. Call the Hurricane Ridge hotline  565-3131 for its daily weather and road updates BEFORE getting on the road." Good news Hurricane Ridge will be open for the week between Christmas and New Year's. There you go. Even Sequim residents and their visitors can enjoy a White Christmas.

Last but not least, we are still picking raspberries from our bushes, and Dalias are still in full bloom. BTW, weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest including little Sequim town: forecast for a mild winter 2012. There is always a blue hole to let some sun rays through to Sequim or Port Angeles (see our blue hole photo).

And don't forget: Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania visitors or else who would like to spend a month or two at moderate Sequim weather hiking, biking, picking berries and have a wonderful vacation can always make their rental reservation for "Bell Hill View' Sequim Vacation Rental by sending us an email "Sequim rental reservation 2013". 

"The early bird catches the worm."

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