how and from where i learnt options

( in answer to a question)

see, i just studied options in a simple way. 

i learnt the basics from various websites thrown up by googl e.  first i learnt the basics from there and then i tried to learn strangle, straddle etc. but soon i realized that those advanced combinations are for deep pocket fii/dii/hni's....besides being complicated and risky.......and foolhardy. 

then i realized that even plain options are very powerful if only one's fundamental method is strong and well developed. so, i just focused on and learnt the basics of options thoroughly. i learnt their behaviour by continuously monitoring them in different situations. 

i realized that learning a tool very very thoroughly revealed powers of it which are much potent than the complicated combinations of the same. 

complicated strategies are only an alibi for lack of a sound basic method.

....and all this i learnt using my own head....with a lot of trial and error and hell lot of practice using just the fundamentals of the idea/concept behind "options".

and while i was on this grand exciting journey or reinventing the wheel of options, i came up with some original and powerful new ideas, tactics, strategies and insights.

fundamentals of anything has the seed of all advanced greenshoots. 

i tried many websites and a few ebooks on options but all seemed to confuse me beyond the basics. just like you can catch the truth behind a person from his body language, you can see thru a book from its word-language.......and these books were definitely lacking "self-confidence" and conviction about what they were preaching. and all were the same as far as the basics were concerned.

best wishes

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