why i don't use a stoploss now!


this is an article i wrote 3 years ago.
i opened it again after all this time and was amused to read it. so i thought why not update it with my present views on the topic.

= i no longer use stoploss. i trade only in options which have inbuilt stoploss. i trade only intraday or very short-term and only in nifty options. i trade only with well-developed method. i used my head to create the method. now, i no longer use the head. i just let that method do the trading for me. my emotions have gone almost out of some window. i just use my head in the evening (no every evening) only to fine tune the method. i am not afraid of the adverse unexpected unforeseen move. reasons? probably one reason is that such instances happen very less. second, i have developed the confiection that i select trades after sufficient homework of technique and tactic that it would be hard to lose if i stayed stable in case of adverse move. thirdly, i have programmed myself to take advantage of the bluff or adverse move of the market instead of panic. one reason that allows me this luxury is that i put in money in steps. i never put all my money on the table. i have sufficient backup buffer funds. 

trading has become boring and hence profitable for me.

i no longer use stoploss. but it is so hard for me to advocate not ot use it to others. because somewhere deep, i know that stoploss is a devil created by the devil which doesn't want you to stop fearing. and ofcourse, fear you will, if light of knowhow and experience is not with you.


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