Android Market | Google Increase the file size limit up to 4 GB in Android Market

Android Market | Google Increase the file size limit up to 4 GB in Android Market

Here one more good news for Android Developers are available. Google has been increased the Sizes of Android Apps 50 MB to 4GB for Android Market. So max allowed size of APK file still be limited to the 50 MB. However the developer will have to keep two expansion files, each will be around 2 GB.
So What does it mean in Realty? Here we are providing some points which will persuade you about what such changes from the Google can do for developer and the user.

Primarily Size of 50 MB is enough for any type of Android Application. Famous game of android named Angry Birds Rio has the 19 MB size of file. However there are some kind of app i.e. high quality 3D audio and the video which require more resource.

Before We proceed further, this should be clear that App of Android were free to exceed the size limit earlier also, but developer had to host the data on their own dependency.

Traditionally, When user try to download such type of larger app or the games from the market of Android, after downloading the core apps, user is prompted to configure the additional file to complete the download. These additional file had to be dependent on developer hosting. Surely the size of file of such additional files were not assume while displaying the apps size of that game / apps on the Android market. Hence sometime even a user may feel fooled as for the app game of the 10 MB, We require to configure additional 1 to 2 GB of the data after the installing the core apk.

So Moreover downloading such additional record were ofter leading to finished of the return time. By this way Google gives 15 min return window for paid app. If we download apps and we uninstall within 15 min then we can automatically get the refund for our purchase price. But actually this is not possible for the case of big apps.

So what are the great advantages after such good update of Google?

  • Android Market
    Android Market
    For the Android Market Google has extended the size of Android App 50 MB to 4 GB to Upload. Such additional files can now be hosted on the server of Google and developer will not have to host such additional file on their own expenses on some third party server.
  • Because there is not much restrictions on the size of app, so we can assume or expect to have some more good quality app for the Market of Android.
  • Because all these record can be fully integrated into the APK and expansion files, user will be able to see the total size of apps in the market of Android before purchasing and downloading it.
  • Most interested thing is that the expansion of size of the file will be automatically download when we will download the core apps from the market of Android.
  • However for the previous version of Google Devices will give the library of download to the download the expansion files.

Finally Conclusion is that This Google update is very beneficial for the both users and the developers.


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