What is Nokia RDA, Test Mobile Applications on Nokia RDA

What is Nokia RDA, Test Mobile Applications on Nokia RDA

Getting tested any mobile app on various devices when these are not present has always been a great problem for the developer. Even after porting our app on the various device, It's very urgent to get it tested on over all success of such applications.

Actually the real problem is how multiple device we can purchase since the number of device are too big. That is why Emulators should be use. However you can not fully rely on the emulator also. You require to tests on your app on the real devices or the closest platform which will give real devices like the capabilities. So this is not a bad plan to test our applications via Remote devices acess? Here we do not require to buy device for getting our applications tested on the real devices. Nokia RDA is the main platforms for this same situation.

Test Mobile Applications on Nokia RDA
Test Mobile Applications on Nokia RDA

What is Nokia RDA?

  • Symbian Java, C++ and Adobe Flash Lite Applications.
  • Python, QT and the Open C after installation of the needy plug in.
  • Different types of content like as theme
  • Web widget, web page and the other type of web app and contents
    What is the cost of service for it's use?
  • Almost Zero. Yest It's almost cost free. We just require to account registry

How it Works?
  1. Registered on Nokia forum.
  2. Now visited on Nokia RDA
  3. Confirm that your desired devices are available or not in 'Available Now' device.
  4. If it available then move focus over that device and select how much time we like to reserve this devices.
  5. Now just Start
  6. Save and launch devui.jnlp file
  7. Double click on the same file
  8. We receive the Nokia RDA devices interface which we have chosen
  9. Now choose and install software button on the Top left
  10. Choose file followed by the install option
  11. Install our applications
  12. Execute our applications from app manager

Main features:

  • We can installed and execute the given files → .SIS, .SISX, .JAR, and .WGZ files
  • We can make change in the screen orientation from the portrait and the landscape mode on the device that supports such features.
  • We can make changes in color depth and the reduced the resolutions mode to improvement in the response time.
  • Debug logs → Look test file and capture the Symbian panics of OS.
  • Later Reservation → If any devices is busy, we can reseerved it for the use of later on.
  • This Services is totally free of cost.
  • Since We access device remotely it will take time for any actions or the event key
  • It don't support audio files
  • Some times the required devices is not present due to the prior reservation.

What are the Available Devices here?

  • Available list of device in this section

From where you can get more help?

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