Install the Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit, How to install a Windows Mobile emulator

Install the Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit, How to install a Windows Mobile emulator Install Visual Studio 2005

During search on internet for the subject ‘How to install a Windows Mobile Emulator’ We come to know about this article. And then we develop the steps and write this article. So check and provide your comment what can be improve or added in this article.

So in this article, We will display you how you can deploy a Windows Mobile Emulator.

-        Similar to the one shown below – that we can use for the purposes of the testing.
-        It’s also the possible to emulate Windows Mobile device rather than using the physical

Install the Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit
Install the Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit

Installation of Visual Studio 2005:

The Primary steps in the deployment of Windows Mobile Emulator are to Install Visual Studio 2005 on the machine on which we like to execute the emulators. Visual Studio can be little bit costly, but there is another option if we do not have the badget for it for the Visual Studio and do not have already a copy.

One more option is that to buy the MSDN subscriptions, would not store our any money, but it will provide us access to multiple another Microsoft product, So if it can be worth our while. Another options are to become register Microsoft Partner. Registered Microsoft Partners get Visual Studio as a part of the registration. Then final options are to order the Window Mobile 6 Developers Resource Kits -> It includes the trial version of visual studio for the 90 days.

Now if you like to install the Visual Studio on the Window Vista, then we shall look multiple error messages during the process of installation showing that there are the already known compatibility errors. So ignore such messages and continuing for the installations. AS soon as the installation will be completed, we must download and installed the Visual studio 2005 Service Pack1. Such types of edits are important even if we are not installation the Visual Studio for the Vista Window. This services pack is over after 430 MB in sizes, So if we happen to have an MSDN subscriptions, We are probably better off the receiving the services pack off the MSDN DVD than download it.

If We have install the Visual Studio from the Top of the Vista Window. Then there s one more edits that we are going to require. Microsoft offer a compatibility edit for Window Vista. Such file of 30 MB must be install after the Service Pack first has been configured. Again such file is present through MSDN for those who do not like to take the time to download this.

Install ActiveSync:

Now next step is the process of the installation of ActiveSync version 4.5. Actually this will be urgent steps if we shall execute the emulator on the running machine of Windows server 2003 or Windows XP. Such Type of components are not the urgent for the users of Window Vista, but alternate components are mandatory. ActiveSync is used to give connection between the Windows Mobile Device and Visual Studio.

Such types of user who is executing the Windows Vista must configure the Window Mobile Devices center as the alternate for ActiveSync. Microsoft makes both 64 bit version and the 32 bit versions of the Window Mobile Devices Center.

Installation of dot NET compact Framework Service Pack:
This second to last equipment that we must install is the .NET Compact Framework Service Pac 2.

Installation of Windows Mobile 6 Software Development kit:

The Window Mobile emulators are actually a section of the Window Mobile 6 Software Development Kit rather than the part of the Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the simply a requirement for executing the Window Mobile 6 Software Development Kit (SDK).

Both type of professional and standard version of such SDK are available there. For the purpose of such articles, I suggest to download the professional versions because it gives us with multiple more devices resolutions level than the standard versions does. The Window Mobile 6 Professional SDK is the 454 – 7 MB in the sizes.

Final Conclusion:
Now all the required installations have been made now time to use the necessary component to use the Window Mobile emulators. So the emulators are designed to emulate of number of the different -2 Window Mobile Device and the Version.

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