Requirement of Seetest Mobile Test Automation tool Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, WindowsPhone 7

Requirement of Seetest | Mobile Test Automation tool for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, WindowsPhone 7

What is the requirement of Mobile Test Automation tool on multiple platforms or what is its need / requirement?

AS all of us know that Mobile phone in the market to launch of hundreds of the devices in a month so market has been changed drastically :-

  • There are lot of applications developed and launched everyday in the market.
  • Enterprises require to give access to their online service through smartphone.
  • Applications developer require to quick launch their app on the multiple platforms to cover up with competitive market.
  • Hardware Vendors are developing multiple different devices base on the Android and another OS of mobile.

Let us Discuss on the Full Requirement for this Automation:

All OS of Mobile:

  • All Type of OS: So all type of 5 Android, iOS, Blackberry, WindowsPhone 7 and the Symbian. To give areal coverage of our consumer base we require a tool that can do testing on any of these. All OS versions of Mobile → OS version is constantly launch at the market. There is requirement of support of all of them.
  • The Models of All mobile devices: Phone, tablet and both are use today by the end user. So both require to test.

Complete Functionality: Smart-phone has a broad range of gesture, system alert and many other feature. All requirement to be supported. Otherwise non real automation can be get:

  • Gestures: First Swipe, Drag and Drop, zoom in and the zoom out, multitouch
  • System alert: Security pop up
  • Virtual Keyboards: All keyboard configuration

So SeeTest is the hot and most comprehensive automation tool for mobile testing in market, It generally covers all OS, All functionality →

Next Requirement: Plugging into the TestComplete, QTP, Junit, MSTest, Perl, Python :- Mobile automation testing is 'the new user on the neighborhood'. It is the joining into the realty where organization already have an existing testing environment such as QTP, TestComplete, Java, MSTest, Python, Perl. Naturally organization is looking for the solution that can easily integrate into such existing environment so that they can continue working from their usual testing environment only extend it ot cover the mobile testing as well.

SeeTest has plug-ins into all the testing environment like as the QTP, MSTest, Testcomplete, Junit, Perl and the Pyhtom.

Let us take for the QTP example: So the SeeTest plug-in activates to work from the within the QTP and the simply create the test the usual and regular way test are created in the QTP (Keyword View, Data driven Test, Expert View, test result and the analysis), Only that such time it is done on the real physical mobile device connect via a standard USB cable to the computer of tester. The users can record or edit the test and execute it and view the report → all possible in the QTP. Just as it have always done. So same goes for all the HP testing and the monitoring tool such as the QC and the Load Runner.

<Keyword view
Keyword view

Expert view
Expert view

 data driven tests and test results
data driven tests and test results

Next Requirement : Simple and Quick to Operate – Recorder :- As we know the world of mobile is changing quickly, And so we should have the ability to create the test fast and simply with full efficiently. So the SeeTest recorder activates the easy, simple and the quick test creation.

Next Requirement : Same script executing on the mobile OS and the multiple devices:-

There are 5 smart-phone OS. There are hundred models of smart-phone device . There are constantly updating or coming new OS version. This reality mandate one strong and clear requirement – script once, run on any devices or OS.
One of SeeTest’s main strength is its capability to execute the very same test script on any OS of mobile or on Any physical device. No exception will occur. This brings clear and indisputable ROI to the mobile automation project.

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