Cloud Mobile Application Testing cloud activated mobile automation testing solution

Cloud Mobile Application Testing cloud activated mobile automation testing solution

Application development for the Android Platform is not the easy thing and it is the complicate business. Main thing is that we require to test it on several versions of OS , Interface layer of hardware vendor, Different -2 configuration of hardware and the capability of network. Thus the testing matrix of the Android base application can be the serious challenge which can impact the quality of product. So time to market and in the last profitability.

So the efficiency of the Impetus Mautomate will be addresses our application which is Android base for the testing concern. IT is an automate testing framework that can run on a cluster of the phone from a variety of the vendors, versions of the operating system, geographies and the networks. Thus using mautomate we can run automate test on the cloud on the device connect over the air to our target networks operator.

Mautomate activates us for :-

  • Records / Execute the test case for / on several devices at same times.
  • Save all various versions test cases, for the several applications of mobile, at a single place and then retrieve them later on for the execution on the several devices.
  • Test Cases executes simultaneously on the several devices.
  • Get the Result of Tests at predetermined frequency of number or time of Test Steps / Cases for execute.
  • Need to invoke the support on the priority base product for the application testing of mobile, product using our enterprise.

mAutomate – The cloud base Mobile automation Tool – Cloud Mobile Testing Automation :

Cloud Mobile Application Testing
Cloud Mobile Application Testing
This frameworks, integrate with the Client applications, will automatically scales itself base on the functionality of application. It will control the automatically instrumentation in the application of client to make it the compatible with the impetus automation engine of testing.

mAutomate framework help us in the generating the information about the CPU, Memory Services, battery, various other analytics and network from the device while executing the test case. While mAutomate is the presently present only on the Android OS, Impetus is the developed test platform for the iOS, Blackberry and the supportable web of mobile.

Except the above another area colored Grey that the frameworks help to test the engineer to deal with is acquiring performance of analytics detail for all applications.

Typically – The performance testing will help us for:

  • Identify the cause of bottlenecks and the main reason.
  • Optimize the application base on the result of performance so that they can execute the perfectly on the maximum configuration.
  • Validate the reliability of the application under the stress.

The Automation Process for Cloud Mobile Application Testing:
Following 5 key steps complete the full complete automation process:

→ 1. Confirm that the Mobile Client Applications are re built with the platform specific library, so to create a deployable application for test.
→ 2. Run the Test for applications on the device of mobile in the record mode so that all type of users event and their impact in the normal flow of the applications are recorded by the library in the form of the test script.
→ 3. Testing script created in the step 2, are sent to servers and then made present on the web interface for the View / editing.
→ 4. Activates the test scripts on the interface of web to add more test data or the create the scenarios for regression around all. A Push alert is then sent to the chosen device on the Cloud which launches the test application, fetch the test script from the server and the execute the on the multiple device simultaneously.
→ 5. Confirm that all the events and their results are play and returned back to the server along with the parameters of performance ( like time taken in the running of the test cases, used memory, Cycles of CPU used and the effect on the used battery etc) and the screenshots also sent them. Where they are process by the server to the generate the result of test along with the activity of performance analysis report.

Key Features for Cloud Mobile Application Testing:

  • Add the application or product spaces
  • Next is to create the tests creates for the application or product
  • Next is to Associated the tests creates with the product / application space
  • Require to Add our own remote device, by getting a small services apps install on them.
  • Record the test case / script / data o the related device or the emulator.
  • Relate the test case / script / data to application or product space.
  • Maintenance for test case or script or data for each and all application or product.
  • Choose the device or emulator to execute our test script.
  • Received the result of test by email to us (after completion of the entire execution of the fixed number of test step and after the every X unit of time) – PDF format support currently.

Benefits of Product using in Cloud Mobile application Testing :

Reliability: This permit us to process the same operations on the each iterations, eliminating the error of human.
Repeatability: This activates us to repeat the test case, Multiple time.
Time Saving: It help us to execute the test suite on the several remote target at the high speeds therefore it save our lot of time
Cost Savings: This allow us to use device share on the cloud without having the build up a costly library of the related devices.

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