Managing With Respect by James P. DuBreuil - Book review

Managing With Respect

A Model for Management Success Based on Real World Experience

By: James P. DuBreuil

Published: December 21, 2012
Format: Paperback, 164 pages
ISBN-10: 1481020757
ISBN-13: 978-1481020756
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"Respect is the fundamental foundation that can, and should be used to support all management activities", writes long time manager, consultant, and founder of DuBreuil Management Consulting, James P. DuBreuil, in his very hands on and results oriented book Managing With Respect: A Model for Management Success Based on Real World Experience. The author describes how the concept of Management With Respect© is an objective methodology to implement in every aspect of a business.

Jim DuBreuil understands that respect is critical for every area of management; and indeed, in every part of a person's life. The author makes clear that respect should form the basis of every personal interaction. In a time when respect for others seems to be at an all time low, Jim DuBreuil provides an effective and engaging alternative set of principles. With respect for others, comes greater degrees of trust, overall involvement, and higher levels of performance. For the author, idea of Management With Respect© flows naturally from common sense and basic human decency.

James P. DuBreuil (photo left) recognizes that people are not only the most important part of an organization, but they are also the most expensive asset as well. As a result, the author makes the key point that it is simply logical to treat that valuable investment with respect to achieve success. At the same time, Jim DuBreuil makes clear that a holistic and respect based approach to management takes a lifetime to learn and master. Part of respect for others is lifelong learning of the principles and hidden dimensions of management.

The author presents the concept of Management With Respect© in a straight forward and readily format. The model is based on the following three basic foundational principles and competencies:

* Knowledge
* Communication
* Organization

For me, the power of the book is how James DuBreuil combines the solid principles of the Management With Respect© model, with the practical steps to put the methodology into effect in any organization. The present the concepts in a logical sequence, but each idea is based on the principle of respect and the competencies associated with respect. The core value of respect is the keystone that holds the entire model together.

The author delves into the various aspects of management, ranging from hiring, training, and retention to the challenging issues of harassment, ethics, and remote employees. In each case, the base of respect is provided, and the three foundational principles form the means of implementing the ideas. The author also provides two handy appendixes to add depth and study to the core principles.

I highly recommend the engaging and culture transformational book Managing With Respect: A Model for Management Success Based on Real World Experience by James P. DuBreuil, to any leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs seeking a clear and concise strategy for changing any organization to a culture based on respect. This book creates the environment for peak performance in any industry.

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