Mobile cloud testing solutions | Use of Jailbreak and Rooted devices Analysis and Implications

Mobile cloud testing solutions | Use of Jailbreak and Rooted devices Analysis and Implications for Mobile cloud testing

AS we all are know that, Mobile cloud solution in the markets use rooted and jailbroken devices. We are often asked about the effects of such and should like to cover this topic here presenting post.

What is the JailBroken Devices?
What is the Rooted Devices?

The word Jailbreaking for the iOS and the word rooting for the Android related for breaking the device, OS security mechanism built by the devices manufacturers to earn permission to the unintended functionality otherwise inaccessible to a normal or general user.

Jailbreaking (iOS) or the Rooting (Android) permits user to earn root access to operating system, allowing them to implement additional functionalities. Settings and System applications require to replace. Execute the
specific app that need administrator – level access and to process the other tweaks that can not be done by normal user. However it should .be understood that a rooted or Jailbroken devices carry potential risk with all. Our devices may behaves strangely, Sometime few obvious feature on our devices can not work and other complications can generate. In fact we may lost our warranty and brick our mobile phone.
Mobile cloud testing solutions
Mobile cloud testing solutions

Why Should Jailbroken and Rooted Devices used for Mobile Cloud Test Solution?

The main motto is that Mobile cloud test solution Jailbreak (and rooting it for Android) their device is their requirement to earn the full control over the phone so they can delete the data that one customer inserted to the phone while executing available test, before the different customer begins the execution on tests on the mobile device,

Describe the Functionality implication of using Jailbroken and rooted device?

The Jailbroken and rooted devices are not the same devices as a non jailbroken or unrooted devices. The difference can vary in all types of aspect. Since the hacking using jailbreak and rooting is not an organize and monitor processes but rather a pirate user generated attempts to cunningly overcome the device manufacturer's limitations, the implication of it on the devices behaviors are of an un-expected nature and can not be easily predicted. So if a problems identified by the Jailbreak or rooted devices, We require to try and reconstruct the problems on a non jailbreak or non rooted devices to make confirm it is a actual problems and the not something generate by the jailbreak and rooting processes.

Describe the security implication of using rooted and jailbreak devices:

To build it easy or simple, a Jailbroken or the rooted devices are hacked devices where the heart of the mobile OS – including it security mechanism has been changed. As a outcome the security of the jailbroken and rooted device is extremely problematic.

Following questions need to ask to your cloud provider before using the mobile cloud:

  1. Can the manager of mobile cloud earn access to our applications and login details?
  2. Can the another person testing on the same phone earn access to our app or data?
  3. Is SSH open in the phone? Can a malicious hacker on the internet permission the devices, Application and the data we inserted? The term SSH has been derived from the Secure Shell, Gives the users with a secure, encrypted mechanism for the accessing system tha are supporting remotes connection through the ssh service) services)

How the best use mobile cloud testing solution can be possible?
How to overcome the security and the functionality related issues?

Device deployment on the site of customer can be one of the solution for it. Some mobiles cloud testing solution offer a deployment of device on the customer site. Possibly lesser threat to the organizational security of customer site as the hack device is at least not the connect over public internet. Instead of it can be physically lock in the room on the site of customer and the connection of VPN. This as well solve another major security concern in the current mobile cloud solution that is the ability of any employee of these mobile clouds company to see what is happens on the devices, such as what username and passwords are the inserted in the phone while performing a test cases. When the mobile clouds is locked inside a customer organization room at least there is control over who can watch login detail and the password that are checked on the phones as part of the automates test cases.

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