What is Cloud | Cloud Based Mobile Software Testing Services and Tools

What is Cloud | Cloud Based Mobile Software Testing Services and Tools, Cloud based Mobile Application Testing Services, Before selecting such services for your testing needs please ask yourself few questions

It has been closely monitored the Mobile Testing Market since 5 to 6 years and you can believe me it is really growing very quickly. The mobile testing market is going to become mature and lots of tools, processes, services are developing in to image for Mobile Applications Testing.
Cloud Based Mobile Software Testing Services and Tools
Cloud Based Mobile Software Testing Services and Tools
Cloud based mobile testing services / tool is a connected in the same.

Cloud computing is one of the hottest topic in current days. With the help of cloud technology, there are few companies which are giving the user with a Cloud base Mobile Testing solutions. It can be Mobile Testing Automation via device over cloud, accessing the device over cloud for Functional or UI Testing, Performance testing with device over cloud, setting up the private cloud in the enterprise and so on.
As We are talking of multiple cloud based mobile Testing solutions, You require to understand the basic cloud concept as given below.

What is Cloud ?

Actually the cloud let us the user to execute the application and save the data online. Moreover sophisticated language and as per NIST definition of the clouds, 'Cloud computing is like a model for activating convenient, on demand network permission to a share pool of the configurable resources of computing i.e. servers, networks, storage, services and applications) that may be rapidly provisioned and release with the minimum effort of management or the interaction of service provider .

Types of Cloud :

On the basis of service provider, Cloud can be divided into three typses → SaaS, PaaS, and the IaaS.

SaaS: mean Software as a Service, It allow user to execute an existing application online, for example Gmail, Google Docs and Sales Force etc where software is out there in the cloud. All type of application base on SaaS are free or Chargeable on the basis of Subscription. We can access it via internet form any system.

PaaS: Mean that Platform as a Service. PaaS permit us to develop our own cloud apps usig supplier specific tool and the language. For example Google Has a Google App Engine which permit user to create their own cloud base app on the infrastructure of Google. Microsoft also have a PaaS as a Azure where it permits to develop apps.

IaaS: mean that the Infrastructure as a Service. Virtual servers and Disk Storage are the key thing here. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 etc are some of the leading vendors.

So on the basis of locations where the cloud have been hasted, cloud can classify as Private, Public, Hybrid and Community cloud.

Public Cloud: Such type of cloud resource like the applications are available publicly over the internet. Window Azure Service Platforms, Amazon Elastic compute cloud, Google App Engine are the best example for it.

Private Cloud → Private cloud give the permit to the limited persons mainly in the any company environment. We can call it the corporate cloud or the internal cloud. The Company that like to control over their record explicitly goes to same.

Community cloud: It divides the infrastructure in between the multiple organization from individual community.

Hybrid Cloud → It is the combinations of the Public, Private and the community types of Clouds, All clouds features it contains and demerits found in one have completely removed from this hybrid cloud.
What is Cloud
What is Cloud

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