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I'm not afraid to admit I LIVE for design reality TV shows. In fact it's been an addiction of mine for years. I've been blessed with an incredible roster of interior design clients and I'm giddy some happen to be on TV. So when the premiere of two shows, Interior Therapy and Property Envy were hitting my LCD screen last Tuesday, I was all over this like fabric on upholstered walls. Best part was I know so were you. Can you say tweeting party?

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Only on Bravo.
Love him or hate him (I love him, would stuff him and put him over my mantel to admire...Jeff I know you know what I mean so no need for a restraining order.) he is back! Been a loyal fan since Flipping Out and Season 1 of Interior Therapy, but Season 2 is a whole new flavor. Producers of the show are finally letting Jeff go. No scripted or guidelines, they just have this man show up and keep the cameras rolling. What do you get? What every designer loves most about him. Poor honesty and sass.

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Say it loud and proud!
Interior Therapy really has all the ingredients designers and design reality TV fanatics like myself need to better improve ourselves. (Stick with me here.) Every designer knows that they have to wear the Therapist hat on almost every project they work on. You can watch the show for the dos and don'ts, but you will learn something. You never know when you will have to deal with clients that throw temper tantrums and you are put in a position to let them know they are the "worst f*cking client" you ever had. (Yes, Jeff went there with a client and said this verbatim.) It's like breaking a dish in anger. You may do damage to the floor, but how it feels so good to do it anyway.

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"Thangs that make you say hmmmmmmm".{{{Singing}}}
Now if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook I posted the premiere trailer of Property Envy and asked for thoughts. From the beginning I was on the fence, but held hope knowing that if interior designers, Jeff Lewis and Mary McDonald were on the panel they alone could make this show watchable. I even held a twitter party during it's premiere. Loved that Mary joined in with great tweets to get the party started.

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This happens @ViteriStyle Tweeter Parties.
 My quick breakdown of the show is Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Remember that show?) meets Men on Film. (One of my favorite skits on In Living Color) Unfortunately I'm just not getting it. From game show antics like guess the price of luxury homes and the era of a celebrity that would have purchase it, to a host and real estate expert that are as comical as Mother Teresa, it's not happening for me. (Yet?)

Viteri Style Management
Fredrik Eklund is a tall glass of what every reality TV show needs.
Trust me I know I am no Andy Cohen. The man definitely knows and dare I say it, is the best reality show creator out there. I'm just lighting a candle and holding rosary beads for hope on Property Envy. There is something off about it that I think a bit of a cast switch up and focus on a clear direction would fix. I did hear that in the next up coming episodes they will have "Special Guests". Well I am just going to put in out there and ask for a replacement. No offense Brandie Maylay but you are getting eaten alive and at times come across like wood. Now put my boy Fredrik Eklund of Bravo's hit, Million Dollar Listing, whose credentials are "comparable" to  Brandie's by real estate standards and he is ridiculously good on TV. I'm sure Fredrik will be able to hold his own against shots and raise that handsome eyebrow to setups. Now that's a panel!

Both Interior Therapy and Property Envy will air on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 9/8c. So are you watching or better yet, will you admit it? Share your thoughts and let me know what you are hoping to see more of? I know what I get out of it, but would love to hear what you get out of it besides pure entertainment. Gotta love Bravo.

Barbara V.

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