What is Bluetooth app applications Testing for Mobile Handset, Bluetooth Test Scenarios and Cases

What is Bluetooth app applications Testing for Mobile Handset, Bluetooth Test Scenarios and Test Cases, How Headset Bluetooth can be test?

Hi All,

Let us discuss on very common questions related to interview for mobile handset bluetooth application testing. First we should aware about the – What is Bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth: Bluetooth is like an or quite like a wireless protocol. It is used to move the record or
What is Bluetooth
What is Bluetooth
data from one device to another devices either it is mobile device or fixed device. But it work over short distance only. Bluetooth is not useful for long of large distance.

This is the bluetooth so now we can discuss about Bluetooth testing for mobile or handset devices.

We need to keep all features and points related to mobiles with bluetooth in mind while doing the bluetooth testing.

Bluetooth Test Scenarios and Test Cases:

  • First check and compare that visibility of the devices are true when a search perform from the Master device through Bluetooth.
  • Once Visibility found any device then try to pair it with Master Device.
  • Try to set and change the Time of Visibility i.e. 1min, 3min etc
  • Just try to rename the slave device and try to pair with the same master device and then test it for the updated name in the Master Device.
  • Now confirm the transfer process of Master to Slave and Slave to Master devices.
  • Call need to connect via BT headset
  • Confirm to pair with the max nos of devices allow to pair.
  • Now just try to share the files with the all type of max paired devices at one time.
  • Confirm that BT can be activated from the Multimedia application during the trying to send the medias or files.
  • Finally Try to send the contacts through the Bluetooth or BT

Some Special Test Cases for Bluetooth Testing:
  • Playing the music via mono bluetooth headset and stereo bluetooth headset too.
  • Test the through put of bluetooth. For example transferring 1mb in1min or by using small app on the devices.
  • Just connect the car kit of bluetooth and test whether the car kit can be read all our phone contact and listening our commands or not.
  • Just test for to try of sending the calender not via Bluetooth.
  • Now try the DUN – Dial Up Network connection to the PC via BT
  • Now just try to send the Music / Image / Video files via bluetooth and test whether the transferred file can be store on the phone / memory card and play properly.
  • Testing range of bluetooth
  • Now try to print the image or the text file via BT or bluetooth printer via BT.

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