MidFinger, Dislike Hand & Rock Sign Facebook Chat Emoticons

I have posted many emoticons for Facebook chat like my recent one was for the valentines day, so you can use those emoticons to dedicate love but my earlier ones like animated emoticons are still loved by many people you can check them too. So I found three more emoticons that will surely get attention as they are the popular one's.
  1. The Mid Finger – makes a bad impression but its still loved by many people so you can use that by typing [[midfing]] in your facebook chat box.
  2. The Dislike Hand – is another new emoticon that you can use by typing [[iidislyk]] in your facebook chat box, this will display a downward hand symbolizing bad signal.
  3. The Rock Sign – can be used if you really love what the other person said, so when you really feel something awesome has happened just raise your hand with this awesome sign just type down [[roxsign]] in your facebook chat box and this sign would appear.
So these were the three signs I want to use when ever you see respective things happening, well do check more posts related to facebook mentioned on the right and have fun :)

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