Time to Face My Stage Fright...

Viteri Style Management
"Alright Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my closeup."
Viteri Style Management, LLC is just shy of being a year and a half old. Within that time (literally within a few months) there have been many requests for me to make public appearances and be on speaking panels. Who knew a company that wants to help designers go completely cloud base has a fan base that puts us on cloud 9? I'm so flattered, but problem is I have stage fright.

Viteri Style Management
Preparing to say yes!
I am not a shy person. In fact I am quite social and love a great laugh. I adore conversations with everyone. I also have a wry sense of humor. I say things like I mean them and it can be hilariously sarcastic. That is the major problem with my stage fright. Not many people (or in my case designers) may like that and that scares the "Holy Design Balls" out of me. With that said I can't keep ignoring or turning down some amazing opportunities to get even closer to all the designers I love. So I am preparing to say YES!

Viteri Style Management
Making the transition complete.
 For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook  I will be posting my progress. I will be calling in a few favors from my some great designer friends for tips and I am calling upon you to share some advice you can give me to overcome this. Very soon I will be sharing some great news about my very first speaking engagement. (If I can commit to it.) I look forward to hearing any ideas you can offer. The only one at the moment I can think of is liquid coverage, but that is not very professional. This is going to be interesting.

Barbara V.

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