Our lunch at the Black Bear restaurant in Sequim

All our guests at Sequim 'Bell Hill View vacation rental' or visiting friends from out of town, want to know what's a great restaurant to eat out in Sequim.

Well, tastes and favorite meals for dining vary a lot, especially so when it comes to name what is Sequim's best restaurant. So at our vacation apartment we keep all the Sequim town restaurant menus in a folder and let guests decide which restaurant offers their favorite food and the want to try out. Read why the Black Bear diner menu has become a great addition to our Sequim town restaurant menus.

Recently, we heard more and more great feed-backs and reviews about the new 'Black Bear' restaurant next to 'Holiday Inn Express' in Sequim. When my birthday was coming up, it was time to check out the new popular diner on our own. Big surprise when we showed up at an early lunch time 11:30am and found the restaurant parking lot already filled. One space was open just right for us.

We were warmly welcome by a big bunch of carved cute black bears at all kinds of of places. Blooming flowers in hanging baskets and containers were everywhere. And with the blue Sequim summer skies as a backdrop, we did not not know where we should start taking photos. We'll share some with you right here on our Sequim Town blog.

Long story short, when we had settled down at our outdoor table and the waitress showed up in now time, we felt we were at the right place. And we did not get disappointed a bit. Keoki had 'French dip' with a load of crispy French fries - once a year we can indulge! - and I had 'Pecan Crusted Trout'. During our not too long waiting time, we learned more about Sequim in 1969 from the 'Black Bear Gazette', which interestingly served as the menu. We also learned that there are 58 (!) other Black Bear restaurants along the West Coast.

Visiting Sequim? We can definitely recommend a visit to the Black Bear restaurant. Great ambience, fast service and delicious food! We'll be back for dinner.

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