Exposition at Cathédrale de Jean Linard

On the premises of the site La Cathédrale de Jean Linard this summer (2013) there will be an exposition that features outsider artists from Italian descent who made art environments, both some born and living in Italy, amd some born in Italy but living and working in France.

This exposition is for one part a reprise of the one that was held in october 2012 in Rome, focussing upon Giovanni Cammarata, Luigi Lineri and Bonaria Manca, for another part it highlights Luigi Buffo, Joseph Donadello and the sculptor Joseph Barbiero.

Organized by the association Patrimoines Irréguliers de France in cooperation with the Italian group Costruttori di Babele, the exposition can be seen in july and september.

In connection with this event I published  in OEE Texts a review of Italian born outsiders creating art environments in France

Costruttori di Babele, bâtisseurs Italiens d'univers insolites
Cathédrale de Jean Linard
Les Poteries
18250 Neuvy-les-deux-clochers, FR
july and 7-29 september 2013 (sater/sundays)

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