Phantom Data Usage Issue on Windows Phone 7, Probable Reason for this Issues

Phantom Data Usage Issue on Windows Phone 7, Probable Reason for this Issues

Hello, Dev Team should confirm that app is not making any unwanted data call when it is not required or
unnecessary. So similar case is that when it happen with new handsets of Microsoft based on the newly Windows Phone 7 OS. Such bugs have been found and reported that some handsets executing on the window phone 7 Operating System are sending, receiving the 'Phantom data'. Some of them 'Users' are making complain that their devices is eating so much data request etc. Which is effecting there data plan poorly. So as per a user the phone send almost 30 to 50 MB of data each day. Interestingly excessive data is use by the cell phone even if the cell is kept idle, Which is totally wastage of data.
Phantom Data Usage Issue on Windows Phone 7
Phantom Data Usage Windows Phone 7

Probable Reason for this Issues:

So will it be problem due to the phone sending the 'feedback' to the Microsoft about their performance of software OR the phones are on 3G connections use even when wi – fi is available? Well the root cause is yet to be recognized.

So Where Microsoft for This:
Yes Microsoft is looking into this bug and definitely overcome from it with some solid solutions for this the coming future with Windows Phone 7 Update. Because as per Microsoft, this thing investigating why some window phone 7 based mobiles handset are sending & receiving 'phantom data'. Actually bugs however mostly reported by the At and T users.

So as I earlier said that we require to test our mobile handsets or the mobiles applications not only on the depend of its functional compliance but also the keeping in the mind some other major factor which can hurt our business or work.

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