Key Recommendations or Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Testing Solution

Key Recommendations or Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Testing Solution

May be the easiest way of understand the challenges of the applications testing of mobiles is to assume this staggering view → Over the 140 Android Device have been developed since the starting of 2011. The New Smart-Phones and the tablet are developed to the market on a basis of week, each with the unique form factor or the features to set. With the six big operating system from the market and an ever growing number of version, screen size, models and the network technologies, it is the virtually not possible to meet mobiles applications and the service in the sync with the ever changing trends of market.

So what is the best way the testing of Mobiles applications and the service in the today highly fragmented and dynamic natures in the market of mobiles? So such post present some keys recommendation for the building mobiles testing strategy that meet the business requirements in dynamic and divers environments of mobile.

Automation for Mobile Testing is imperative:
With the help of automation the regression and functional testing of our mobile apps, We can confirm the performance and quality of our apps on any devices, network, OS and location. Automation allow more test to be processed on the more device in the less time and with the less errors of human. The result is the decreased ALM Cycle that allow for continuous QA, easier re-creation of problem, better coverage and the substantial saving cost.

In a fragmented market, a device agnostic test approach is needed to allows enterprises to build tests case that can be easily maintainable, reused and the portable to multiple mobiles platform.

Cloud based accessibility for REAL devices of Mobiles:
Experiences show that we shall probably require to tests on up to 30 to 40 devices available in markets and replace around the 35% of those each quarter to stay up to date. This can easily change in to the logistical nightmare, specially if we are working offshore. Cloud base access to REAL handset all-eviates the cost and the logistic of procuring and managing new device (i.e. shipment, network availability, active plan, SIM's etc) as they are released. Since all devices are present and manage in the clouds, there is no require for procurement and device can be replaced or added with in a few hours as response to the market requirements. Addition to it, a cloud based approach facilitates collaboration and the activates globally distributed team to share a devices in 'Live' testing and to replicate issue for the improve troubleshooting.

Key Recommendations or Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Testing Solution
Key Recommendations or Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Testing Solution
Use of Existing ALM Resource:

Need to Remember that → On the core mobile testing is still called the software testing. So there is not require to re invent the cycle. But for the enterprises that have already made invest in the developing an ALM
infrastructure, workflow and implementing tool for training teams of QA, the goal is to preserve and the leverage these asset by extending our existing ALM frameworks to supports the testing of mobiles.

Mobiles managing, desktop and the web-applications testing through the single integrated ALM platforms, organizations can be centrally managed and track all the applications project, leverages the skill set of their team and ensure consistent workflow and process.

The integration of mobiles testing with in our existing ALM activates centralized and complete tests management and the visibility for our mobiles app. Using the single platform for manage and automate the app life-cycle help to ensures mobile quality and performance during reducing to ownership total cost.

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