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We have some exciting news to share. The Decoration & Design Building (DDB) has selected Viteri Style Management as one of their Fall Market Ambassadors. To receive an email that reads like this is so appriciated:

"The DDB Marketing team would like to congratulate you on being selected one of the 2013 Featured DDB Fall Market Ambassadors, and are so excited that you will be participating in all that Fall Market has to offer."

To be an Ambassador comes with some pretty hefty responsibility, but some incredible rewards. We are privy to know that there are going to be great changes made to this year's lineup of bloggers, special events and much much more. In fact, you may hear more buzz about VSM participating in some of these incredible events and even setting new trends for designers to come experience. (More on that in the next few weeks!)

We just want to take this time to thank The Decoration & Design building for acknowledging our support and embracing us. We are very humbled and honored. We look forward to this year's Fall Market and personally know it's going to be better than ever.

Barbara V.

P.S. We were thrilled to be selected as a feature blogger for Spring Market earlier this year. It was an amazing experience. Our blog post was so well received that we are certain YOU, the readers, had a great hand in getting VSM reconized to be selected as an ambassador for this year's Fall Market. We want to thank you all as well. It warms our hearts to know you get our unique approach to helping interior designers in this fascinating industry. 

We highly recommend you mark your calendars to attend Fall Market come October 1st and 2nd. We can't wait to share our special news about how we plan to take over market! Fall Market at the DDB is not to be missed and we hope to see you there!

CLICK HERE: Checkout what happened at Spring Market. (Million Dollar Decorators, Mary McDonald, Me and Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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